Oakland Youth First provides training through digital and media arts. Our State-of-the-Art production studios develop skills in music and streaming video broadcast. In addition, our OYF Land Program trains our participants to use renewable energy options as keys self-sustaining futures. OYF partners with the East Bay Regional Parks OYF students engage conservation and park research and services. Our program teaches financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills through our Small Business Development Program.


SYFC youth learn aviation skills and career opportunities in commercial and private aviation unmanned aerial vehicles and related support industries.

The Tuskegee Airmen, East Bay Aviators and the Bay Area Black Pilots Association provide FAA certified Flight instructors that certify ground simulator and aircraft flight hours for our participants.

Our facility has an Aircraft Controller Simulation room to monitor over 10,00 aircraft and marine vessels around the world.


Oakland is the 5th busiest port in the United States. The Serendipity, OYF’s 32’ cabin cruiser, explores the Bay Area marine environment, estuaries and shorelines. Certified Coast Guard instructors and retired service personnel train OYF participants for marine related careers. 

OYF’s interwoven career alternatives allow our participants opportunities to gain knowledge in STEM and life skills related areas of learning. Our Linked Learning approach ensure our young students are better prepared in life and are more positive contributors to their communities. 

Digital Arts & Media

Chroma key compositing, or chroma keying,

is a visual effects/ post-production technique for compositing (layering) two images or video streams together based on color hues ( chroma range). The technique has been used in many fields to remove a background from the subject of a photo or video – particularly the news casting, motion picture, and video game industries. A color range in the foreground footage is made transparent, allowing separately filmed background footage or a static image to be inserted into the scene. The chroma keying technique is commonly used in video production and post-production. This technique is also referred to as color keying, color-separation overlay (CSO; primarily by the BBC [3]), or by various terms for specific color-related variants such as green screen and blue screen; chroma keying can be done with backgrounds of any color that are uniform and distinct, but green and blue backgrounds are more commonly used because they differ most distinctly in hue from most human skin colors. No part of the subject being filmed or photographed may duplicate the color used as the backing.

Create Colorful and Dynamic Space

With 18 RGB uplighting LEDs, this stage light could make any color you want and provide you with extremely bright light, perfect for DJ sets, parties, dances, stage performances, clubs, etc.

[Control Easily in Two Ways] You can use both DMX Controller and four back buttons on the stage light to control the light; with the four back buttons( Turn up, Turn down, Confirm and The whole LED monitor), you could realize a basic control of lights, the color-changing; with the DMX Controller, you could realize other more complicated lighting modes by connecting the par cans to the controller.

[Use Multiple Modes to Activate The Atmosphere] It could control 12 par lights at the same time, set up to 8 channels for each par light and use 192 channels with multiple modes such as color-changing, flashing, fading, pulsing and voice control. Also, the changing speed is adjustable.


Sound Recording & Reproduction

audio mixing is the process of combining multitrack recordings into a final mono, stereo or surround sound product. In the process of combining the separate tracks, their relative levels (i.e volumes) are adjusted and balanced and various processes such as equalization and compression are commonly applied to individual tracks, groups of tracks, and the overall mix. In stereo and surround sound mixing, the placement of the tracks within the stereo (or surround) field are adjusted and balanced. [1]:11,325,468 Audio mixing techniques and approaches vary widely and have a significant influence on the final product. [2]

Solar and renewable energy

Solar model building workshop training constructing model solar and wind powered homes while problem solving & team building.